July 12, 2024 12:39 am

As AP exams, finals, and other major tests approach, here are some tips to help avoid burnout! Burnout is mental/physical exhaustion which can make it hard to carry on with life’s responsibilities, trying to push through it will only cause more damage emotionally AND physically. Some symptoms are: Exhaustion (feeling drained, headaches, sleep/appetite change), Isolation (not socializing due to being overwhelmed), Escape Fantasies (dreaming about running away, turning to substances), Increase Irritability in things that wouldn’t normally bother you, Illness (colds, insomnia, depression, anxiety).

“Three R” Approach to burnout:

  1. Recognize – Know the signs of burnout
  2. Reverse – Get support and manage stress
  3. Resilience – Take care of you emotional and physical health (exercise, focus on breathing, TAKE BREAKS, learn limits)

Whenever you need help, reach out <3

Sacramento County Suicide Prevention Hotline: (916) 368-3111

Mental Health Crisis Hotline: (888) 881-4881 or (916) 875-1055

24/7 Sexual Assault hotline 800-656-HOPE

24/7 Domestic Violence hotline: 800-799-7233

Parent Support Hotline: 916-394-2005

WEAVE (Sexual Assault) Crisis Line: 916-920-2952

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