March 26, 2023 5:24 am

As this year comes to an end, we would like to put a spotlight on one of the many seniors this year. We interviewed her and asked her 5 questions to reflect upon this past year…

Were you in any clubs or sports this year?

“I’ve tried volleyball and I practiced with them all throughout summer, but I dropped out to focus on my studies.” As for clubs, Blue was a member of the Art Club, Friday Night Live (FNL), and Assets.

What was your favorite thing you did all year?

Senior ditch day was one of her favorite things of the year. She told us that she and her friends went to brunch, then to the mall and watched a movie, and concluded it by playing laser tag for 2 hours!

Advice for underclassmen?

Enjoy your limited time in high school, grades are not everything! According to her, “High school is not about good grades, it’s all about the experience you have.”

What would you say about AVID?

“It’s fun especially when you make friends! All the boring stuff you do individually, becomes fun if you do it with others you’re comfortable with. So you can help each other and ask questions.” AVID is a class that can help you with not only school, but life afterwards. It prepares you for college, getting a job, and helps you create special bonds.

What colleges did you get into and which are you going to be attending?

Sacramento State, San Francisco State, and UC Santa Cruz. “I’m going to Sacramento State!”

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