May 16, 2024 8:46 am

So, we have a new Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, and honestly, I’m concerned. 

First off, he has a long history of being a vocal opponent of same-sex marriage. In a CNN article Andrew Kaczynski states, “In…2004, Johnson wrote in support of a Louisiana amendment banning same-sex marriage saying it could lead to people marrying their pets.” Come on. Are these actually the type of people we have in office?

He’s written bills to restrict abortion access. He is against the legalization of marijuana. He is against anything that doesn’t fit his narrow view of the world. 

He is a major Trump supporter. 

Johnson supported Trump’s “Muslim Ban” executive order. 

Politico wrote that, “Johnson was part of Trump’s inner circle and traveled regularly with him on Air Force One while he was president. ‘It’s surreal,’ he once told a Shreveport reporter. ‘When I call him, he calls back within a couple of hours.’” 

He fought for Trumps 2020 election conspiracy saying, ‘I have just called President Trump to say this: ‘stay strong and keep fighting, sir!’”

Trump said, “I think he’s gonna be a fantastic speaker.” 

Mike Johnson said in his acceptance speech, “The first bill that I’m going to bring to this floor in just a little while will be in support of our dear, dear friend Israel, and we’re overdue in getting that done.”

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but when those opinions are filled with so much hate and prejudice, it’s impossible to see how he’s the right choice for third in line to the President of the United States.

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