April 13, 2024 1:05 pm

If someone asks, “do you know who Mrs. Marcia is,” would you be able to answer more than just “campus monitor”? 

Marcia Arnold-Swain, affectionately known as Mrs. Marcia, has worked for the school district for 26 years and has dedicated the last 15 years exclusively to San Juan High School students. Since 2007, Marcia Arnold-Swain has been among the most visible members of the Spartan family, walking over 20,000 steps each day to provide students with many forms of help, support, and safety. Mrs. Marcia appreciates that “since it’s small enrollment, I get more interaction with more students, give them more attention, and ability to help and see what their needs are.” 

She worked at 11 other schools throughout her life but stayed here at San Juan High School, which makes her our favorite campus monitor in the district! 

As students and members of the San Juan family, we are honored to dedicate a couple of minutes of our life to say “thank you” to those who make our day and our experience in high school better, safer, and unforgettable. Here is some wisdom, humor, and advice from Mrs. Marcia to brighten your day:

“In God we trust is always on the quarter, and it’s usually on our money. You can trust God, and you can trust me.”

“Have fun in high school because you won’t get those years back. Try everything to succeed, travel, go to college to earn better pay, and make yourself some money, honey!”

“Make a difference in the world, even though you don’t think about it, the tiniest little thing can make a difference in the world, in somebody’s life … if you don’t have anyone to support you, come in, I will support you.”

“I wish them all the best, and I wish everybody would take advantage of what you have before you, experience everything: dances, sports, clubs…”

“Get a girlfriend, get a boyfriend. That’s my gold nugget to you…”

In closing, next time someone asks you, “Who is Mrs. Marcia?” You can say more about her than just “campus monitor.”

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