June 8, 2024 1:10 am

If you are a Junior or a Senior, there is a strong chance you know Mrs. Durkee. If not, she teaches Juniors English 3 and AP Language and has been teaching for 23 years and has been at San Juan for 15.  In a recent interview, she shared her love for books and reading, which inspired her to become a teacher.

Mrs. Durkee’s passion for reading and writing began at a young age. She recalls spending most of her childhood with coloring books and then moving on to reading books once she learned how. how to read. Books became her escape and friends when she didn’t have any. Her love for books continued through high school, where she was the kind of student who would finish a book within three days. In college, she studied English determined to become a teacher.

Mrs. Durkee’s upbringing as the oldest of four siblings, where she acted as a second mother to her siblings, and babysat children in her neighborhood, also inspired her to become a teacher. She says that being a teacher is like raising children, and it felt natural to her.

One of Mrs. Durkee’s most rewarding moments as a teacher is when she comes across a student who has never read a book before and then sees them read one of her recommendations. She loves it when students start to grow in their writing skills, and they become proud of what they have accomplished. Mrs. Durkee believes that asking questions and admitting what you don’t know is an essential skill for success in life.

Mrs. Durkee’s favorite lesson to teach is about colleges and financial aid. She loves helping students figure out how to apply for college and scholarships, as it can be life-changing for them and their families. Her advice to students who want to become English teachers is to find a balance in life and figure out what works for them.

Mrs. Durkee’s passion for teaching has made a positive impact on many students’ lives. She inspires them to read, write, and learn. Next time you see her in the hallways or in class, don’t forget to say thank you and give her appreciation because she truly deserves it. Thank you, Mrs. Durkee, for inspiring a love of reading and writing in your students. Your passion for literature and teaching is evident in the positive impact you have made on so many lives. Thank you for nurturing your students’ curiosity and encouraging them to ask questions and learn. Your dedication to your students is truly appreciated and will not be forgotten. Thank you for being an exceptional teacher and making a difference in the lives of so many. We, the Spartan family, truly appreciate the hard work and dedication that you give to this school to make a difference and brighten the lives of many Spartans to help them reach that bright future! 

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