July 12, 2024 12:39 am

It is really sad and heartbreaking news for us to hear that one of the most hard-working teachers is finishing her last year teaching in the Spartan family. Mrs. Renata put a lot of effort into this school to make it a great place for students to learn and have an amazing high school experience. Many Spartans are grateful for the help and support that she provided during and after quarantine. When you ask students to describe Mrs. Renata, they answer…

“She is always putting students first, she is always kind, and flexible to students’ work & personalities. I will miss her.” – Sammi M.

                    “She really cares about the students and she shows it by spending her free time prepping and planning fun projects like “Greenhouse/Garden Project” buying all of this material, PVC pipes, plants, setting up the lights for plants to grow faster, helping the students to build their greenhouses.” – Lee

“Mrs. Renata is a great teacher for sure.  When you will meet her at first, you will see that she generally seems like someone who wants kids to succeed, and you’re not wrong. She treats everyone equally and tries to help students not just academically but personally as well, which is really important and sometimes hard to do. I never had such a bright teacher in my entire school year. If you would ask me to describe her in one word, it would be “Sympathetic”.” – Bohdan K. 

         “Mrs. Renata is just such a positive person and being around her always brightens your day if you are feeling sad.” – Zubin T.

Despite the fact that she is leaving, she has a lot of memories and enjoyed teaching in San Juan High School and being a part of the Spartan family in general. Something that she wants kids to know is that “they (students) were the reason why she was there, that they matter, and that she just wants them to know that many teachers here want them to be successful and that’s why we are here” (Garcia). One of the brightest memories that she has is the moment when she opened the Anime Club during the social distance learning because kids wanted it. “That was the time when everyone got together, opened their cameras, so it wasn’t blank screens, it sort of got people together,” she told us with her smile on her face. The lesson that she wants everyone to remember, even after she leaves, is that…

“In life, it’s okay to make mistakes, perfection isn’t a real thing, just keep going.” (Garcia). 

Sometimes, people don’t notice or don’t care, about the hard work of another person. Something that I learned from Mrs. Renata is that it’s impossible to make a school a better place alone; it can only be done together, as a team, as a school, as the Spartans family. Based on all of the information provided in this text, I can officially say that Mrs. Renata is the teacher of the month and we do appreciate your hard work that was done towards this amazing school. Without you, San Juan High School wouldn’t be the school that most students know today. Students will miss her, but they want you to know this… 

 “Thank you for helping me understand the lessons, for your hard work and effort, and the friendly environment that you created with a chill vibe!” – Veniamin V.

“Thank you for being such a positive person!” – Zubin T. 

               “Thank you for trying your best to help us grow as successful and educated people.     I do really appreciate everything that you have done for me and the AVID class in general. You were, you are, and you will be one of the best teachers for me and I will never forget the speech that you gave us in AVID, that was personal… it motivated me a lot” – Bohdan K.

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